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Hygienic Covid Key For Hygiene

The Covid Key

The Covid Key is a very clever and innovative tool made of brass and used to reduce unhygienic contact with the environment. It's a given with the current world circumstances. Keep your hygiene up and get you and your family some Covid Keys today!

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Tummy Shaper Belt

Thermo Shaping Body Belt

There's a lot of craze going over these tummy shaping thermo belts. It promotes sweating around the belly to help you lose fat in a similar way to using the sauna. It does this while shaping your tummy thanks to the design shape of the belt. Not to mention, it also keeps your posture secure and in check.

wireless solar power bank

Wireles Solar Power Bank

25000mAh Solar power bank. 2 USB charging ports and wireless charge. Waterproof and even includes a flashlight. The solar panels fold nicely for portability. 

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